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  • Our Philosophy

    Books are friends that never disappoint. (JAG)

    We like to help future generations learn a second language and create a passion for reading that will stay with them throughout the future. We utilize books as a tool that will “open roads” or create better opportunities for our children.


    About Us

    • Opening Roads is an international program created in June 30 of 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina by Tatianaide Medina native from Colombia, South America.

    • After coming back from volunteering at a community center that helps people in need, Tatianaide decided to go further and start her own project-Opening Roads-to give back to the the children in need.

  • Our History


    Our Vision

    To become an influential and inspirational organization for children in need to learn a second language and encourage them to love reading through the use of books in a different language for ages 3 to 12.

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    Our Goal

    To collect 100 books by December of 2012. These books will travel to Colombia, South America and will be given to the school Centro Educativo Fé y Alegría Palermo Sur. This school is located in the urban area with one of the highest levels of poverty.

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    Opening Roads !!!!

  • Meet Timon !!!


    Our Symbol
    Hello! My name is Timón, and I am the mascot of Opening Roads. I have friends all over the world that I like to visit. I always have a smile on my face, and I am amiable. My creator invented me with the purpose to make children to love to read as much as I do and encourage them to learn many languages.

  • How to Help

    1.) Contact me. I will be more than happy to pick up the books that you are willing to donate. Every book counts!

    2.) There will be boxes in restaurants and stores where you can drop off the books. I check the boxes regularly, and your donation will be greatly appreciated.

    3.) Students can drop off books at their schools.

    4.) Soon, there will be more alternatives on how to help this organization.

    For more information and details, please e-mail your questions to

  • Our Address



    +1 704 299 7419

    NEWS !!!

    We are very excited about this project, and we have wonderful ideas that will make us grow and broaden our mission. If you would like to be a part of this wonderful service to the community, don’t hesitate. We need people like you to help us to achieve our goals and create a better future to children in need.

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    Tatianaide Medina came to the United States with her mom six years ago. “Six years ago, my mom and I came to the United States. It was a new world to explore and a new opportunity. Knowing that I was in the country where I could make all my dreams come true gave me excitement and hope. However, there was something stopping me from being the best I could be: speaking English. The language barrier made it difficult to understand and communicate with others. When I lived in Colombia, I wasn’t interested in English. No matter how hard my dad and mom tried, I couldn’t see the importance of it. English as a second language was a difficult class because I was not passionate for it. Arriving here made me realize that beginning life could have been much easier if I had known how to speak English. I felt discouraged, but my teachers and mentors were perseverant and encouraged me to read. I began by reading picture books that gradually became more difficult and helped me to learn English. Throughout this journey, the advice of my teachers and mentors led me to discover that reading had ignited a passion for learning a second language. The opportunities and the roads that have opened up due to knowing a second language are guiding me to an amazing future. I want to help open roads for other children. Books were the tool that helped me learn English, and providing them to children who don’t have the resources to obtain them can make a difference in their lives.

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